DIY Photo Holders Craft-a-Long

DIY Photo Stands This easy-to-make photo stand came about because the Motley Kids needed somewhere to put some pictures Grandma sent in the mail!  We did ours with a Garden theme, but you can build yours any way you want…spaceships, rockets, even Birthday Llamas (watch the video)! Mold your clay around your rock (this makes… Continue reading DIY Photo Holders Craft-a-Long

Winter Holiday Snowflake Craft-A-Long

Snowflake Craft! It’s the winter holidays, and snow is in the air! We aren’t having much luck with the actual thing here at Motley Headquarters, so we decided to make some snowflakes of our own! Craft along with us in this video tutorial or just follow the instructions below! …crafting offline? Download a PDF of… Continue reading Winter Holiday Snowflake Craft-A-Long

Arrr! It’s Craft Like a Pirate Day!

Craft Like a Pirate September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! In honor of this completely made-up holiday, the Motley Kids are going to craft like pirates! Captain’s Hook A handy hand for a pirate king! In this craft-at-home, we are going to make a pirate’s hook from aluminum foil and a plastic… Continue reading Arrr! It’s Craft Like a Pirate Day!

Who’s Yer Con and Coronavirus

Our Ccoronaviruses

Hello everyone! The Motley Kids have been SUPER excited to go to Who’s Yer Con, and we are SUPER sad that it’s not going to be happening as planned. A lot of things have been cancelled or delayed recently because of the coronavirus, and it’s always sad when you don’t get to do the things… Continue reading Who’s Yer Con and Coronavirus