…Come Play with us…

a pirate hook made from a cup and foil

Motley Kids Craft -a-long

We make neat things with stuff we have at home and show you how – follow along with our blog posts here; join us on Twitch for our live craft-a-long streams or watch us on YouTube when it’s crafting time for you! 

kid with slime on his hands


We play games and do crafts at gaming conventions! Motley Kids are four through eight-year-old Con Kids (sometimes younger, sometimes older) who are learning to love gaming just as much as their Responsible Adults — and we’re so glad to help keep them geeky and entertained! 

a kid wearing a mask

Motley Thoughts

A lot has been happening in the world. Sometimes it’s nice to have a way to talk to kids about it. Short essays, intermittently published. 

agent M and henchkid posing


Motley Adventures

Come join Agent M on a crafting tour around the world! We’ll pursue the agents of B.O.R.E.D. and do some crafting, cooking, and creating along the way! These adventures are made for do-it-yourself fun…or we’ll ship you the supplies wherever your home base may be.