DIY Dragon Puppets

Come craft a dragon puppet to celebrate the Lunar New Year! This year it’s on Friday the 12th of February, so we’re celebrating a little bit in advance…

There are many different ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year — this is just one!

…crafting offline? Download a PDF of the instructions here


  • Craft tubes or toilet paper tubes (about 5 per dragon)
  • Several sheets of brightly colored construction paper in 2 or more colors
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Pencil or something to mark on your construction paper with
  • Pompoms in several sizes (you may want matched pairs)
  • Scissors
  • Craft or tacky glue or glue guns
  • Felt or colored cellophane (or colored construction paper, whatever works)
  • A hole punch (or some other tool for making holes in cardboard)
  • Yarn or string
  • Two (or more) craft sticks
  • Dragon Decorating Bling!

Steps to Make It

Dragon Head:

  1. Lay your craft tube on the short side of your construction paper
  2. Mark the top of the tube on both sides
  3. Use a ruler to draw a straight line and cut your paper off. 
  4. Glue (or tape) your paper around your craft paper tube
  5. Fold a second piece of construction paper (we used a contrasting color) in fourths
  6. Draw your fierce dragon mane on your construction paper and cut it out. Make sure that you have a tab to attach it to the dragon! You should have four mane pieces
  7. Glue your pieces onto the sides of the dragon’s head. Stagger them a little bit to give some depth
  8. Cut some fringe and glue it to the back of your dragon’s head to make it Super Fierce!
  9. Decorate your dragon’s face with scales or patterns (we’ll add the eyes and nose next)
  10. Use hot glue or tacky glue to glue two medium pompoms to the top of your dragon’s head, just in front of the fringe
  11. Glue some googly eyes on the front of the pompoms
  12. Glue two more pompoms to the front of your dragon’s nose.  These are its nostrils!
  13. Cut some flames out of your felt/cellophane/construction paper and glue them into the mouth of your dragon!
  14. Use your hole punch to make 2 holes in your dragon’s head, straight across from each other.

Dragon Body:

  1. Cut 3-4 craft tubes in half to make short tubes.
  2. Wrap your half tubes with construction paper just like the head!
  3. Punch 2 holes in each end across from each other (they should line up front to back)
  4. Use yarn or string to tie the tubes together through the holes (keep the loops loose)
  5. Decorate your dragon!
  6. When you’re done, turn your dragon upside-down
  7. Have a Responsible Adult help you make a slit in the bottom of the head (near the neck) and in one of the last two tubes
  8. Insert a craft stick into each slit and glue it in place
  9. Use the sticks to make your dragon puppet move! 

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