a photo stand with butterfly and flower

DIY Photo Holders

This easy-to-make photo stand came about because the Motley Kids needed somewhere to put some pictures Grandma sent in the mail! 

We did ours with a Garden theme, but you can build yours any way you want…spaceships, rockets, even Birthday Llamas (watch the video)!


…crafting offline? Download a PDF of the instructions here


  • Clothespins (we used 3) 
  • Craft sticks (at least one per clothespin) 
  • A clean dry rock from outside (it should fit in your fist)
  • Air-dry or modeling clay
  • Glue guns or double stick foam tape
  • Felt or cloth scraps, chenille stems, paper, stickers, and markers to decorate with 
  • Scissors 
  • Paint or markers for clay decorating

Steps to Make It

  1. Mold your clay around your rock (this makes the picture holder heavy). You want to have extra clay in front and back
  2. Glue or tape a clothespin (clip opens up) to your craft sticks
  3. Decorate as desired
  4. Stick your craft sticks into the clay in the back of the rock
  5. Have your Responsible Adult break a craft stick in half. Decorate the smooth parts (leave the bottom clear)
  6. Stick the half sticks into the clay in the front of the rock
  7. Let dry and then paint your clay or decorate with markers!