Who are the Motley Kids?

Gamer parents raising the next gaming generation

We’re gamers and parents of gamer kids who want to see them grow up with positive convention experiences and a chance to learn a variety of games in a supportive environment. We’re dedicated to providing quality programming for gamer kids, and we’re excited about sharing the things we love with our children and yours.


We bring kid-friendly role-playing games, board games, crafts and activities to gaming conventions, aimed at mini gamers ages 4 to 8. With the help of our volunteers, our goal is to make sure that your kids have as much fun at the Con as you do. 

Please make sure your mini gamer brings a Responsible Adult with them to all activities, as Motley Kids haven’t got the personnel or the legal papers to be responsible for everyone’s hijinks at once.

Our Lost Adult policy: children without a Responsible Adult will be considered Lost. Lost children will be dressed in motley and given to the Goblin King.



All-Around Fun