an upcycled garden

Upcycled Garden

We’re making a garden out of things we found in our kitchen! Come join us in this craft-a-long to make butterflies, bugs, and flowers.


…crafting online? Download a PDF of the instructions here


Egg carton Flowers
  • An egg carton (foam or paper mache will work)
  • Chenille stems/Pipe
  • Cleaners (green if you want to be realistic)
  • Tissue paper
  • A pony bead or button
  • School glue (You may want a paintbrush to apply the glue)

Bottle Cap Beetles
  • Bottle Caps (screw-off tops are better)
  • Clear plastic lids (we aren’t picky about the type this time)
  • Sharpies
  • Googly Eyes
  • Bling
Coffee Filter Butterflies
  • Coffee filters
  • Chenille Stems
  • Water-based markers
  • Optional: Clothespins You will also need scissors, craft glue, and optionally glue guns

Steps to Make It

Egg Carton Flowers
  1. Cut one cup of your egg carton into a flowery shapes
  2. Thread a pony bead or button onto your chenille stem and bend it in the middle. Twist it once or twice to secure. 
  3. Push the ends of the chenille stem through the bottom of your egg carton cup. The bead should help keep it from pulling through. 
  4. Cut some small tissue paper squares and glue them onto the egg carton cup to make your flower brightly colored!
Bottle Cap Beetles
  1. Use your sharpies to color your bottle caps.  If you choose to paint them instead, make sure to let them dry completely before gluing!
  2. Cut a pair of wings out of the clear plastic lid. We suggest either cutting them out as a pair (think like a figure 8) or making sure you have a flat edge. 
  3. Use your Sharpies to decorate your wings
  4. Glue them onto the bottle cap
  5. Add some googly eyes and bling!
Coffee Filter Butterflies
  1. Use your markers to make spots on the coffee filters 
  2. Fold the filter “accordion style” and then fold once in the middle
  3. Use a chenille stem to tie it together at the fold
  4. If you want to have flowy butterflies, set the fold of the coffee filters in a cup of water for a few minutes — then let dry before expanding
  5. Expand your butterfly’s wings
  6. Curl your chenille stem into antennae
  7. If you want, hot glue your butterfly to a clothespin!