a pirate hook made from a cup and foil

Craft Like a Pirate

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
In honor of this completely made-up holiday, the Motley Kids are going to craft like pirates!

Captain’s Hook

A handy hand for a pirate king! In this craft-at-home, we are going to make a pirate’s hook from aluminum foil and a plastic cup.

Pirates didn’t all have hooks for hands. But being a pirate was a dangerous job, and some pirates really did lose a hand or a leg. Today, people who have an amputation (where doctors remove a part of the body) can get a prosthesis (a replacement part) that’s made just to fit them. Some people get their favorite sports team or TV show printed on their prosthesis. But a long time ago, some people really did use a piece of wood or a metal hook to help do the job of a missing leg or arm.

Our pirate hooks are just for play! We won’t be cutting anyone’s hands off today, and just to be safe we’re going to have your Responsible Adult do the dangerous work.

You will need:

  • A disposable plastic cup (“Solo cup”)
  • A pair of sharp scissors or a sharp knife (for your Responsible Adult)
  • Aluminum Foil (heavy duty if you have it)

Making Your Hook

1. Have your Responsible Adult use the sharp object (carefully) to cut an X into the bottom of the cup. This is going to be your anchor.a tube of aluminum foil

2. Roll up your aluminum foil (shiny side OUT) into a stick. Make it about as thick as your pinky finger.

3. Fold your aluminum foil stick in half and stick the ends into the X in your cup so the folded end is pointing up.

4. Bend the ends INSIDE the cup outward to keep them from coming out and give you a handle.

5. Bend the ends OUTSIDE the cup into a hook. Reach into the cup and hold the bent ends.

Ahoy, Matey!