a handful of pompom germs

Hello everyone!

The Motley Kids have been SUPER excited to go to Who’s Yer Con, and we are SUPER sad that it’s not going to be happening as planned. A lot of things have been cancelled or delayed recently because of the coronavirus, and it’s always sad when you don’t get to do the things you want to do. We get it. We are going to miss you!

We made some coronaviruses of our own, but thankfully they are not infectious (unless you count infectiously adorable), so they’re going to hang out with us while we talk about the coronavirus pandemic and what that means for us – and for you! One of the Motley Grownups is a doctor when she’s not playing with all of you, so we know a little bit about all of this…


Our coronaviruses

The coronavirus has a grown-up name: SARS-CoV-2, which is a fancy way of telling scientists what other viruses it’s related to, sort of like you and some of your relatives may have the same last name. It causes an illness called COVID-19 (the 19 stands for 2019, the first year we saw this disease). You’ll see all of these names in the news, and they are all talking about the same thing. Let’s call it Covid-19 here, because the capital letters look scary.

Most people who get Covid-19 are going to get better. They may have a fever and a cough, or they may feel pretty OK. They will probably be sick for about two weeks and then get better, but while they’re sick (and for a little bit before they start to feel bad) they are contagious.

Contagious means they can give Covid-19 to someone else. Most people who have Covid-19 will give it to 2 or 3 other people.Those people are also probably going to get better, but they are going to be contagious as well, and they can give Covid-19 to someone else too. If you’ve ever been around someone with a cold or the flu and then gotten sick a few days later, you’ve seen what can happen when someone who is contagious shares their illness.

We are all about sharing here at the Motley Kids! We share our glue guns, our markers, our crayons, and our craft supplies. We try very hard not to share our viruses, though, because nobody likes to get sick. We stay home if we don’t feel good, because we might be contagious, and sharing your illness is no fun at all.

We said that most people who get Covid-19 get a little sick and then get better after about 2 weeks. That means that some people don’t. Some people can get very sick from having Covid-19. They may be in the hospital for weeks. Some of these people may die. You are probably going to be fine if you get Covid-19, but we can’t tell by looking at people what kind of medical issues they may have that would make them more likely to get very sick, so it’s important NOT to share our illnesses. 

And that’s why we won’t be having Who’s Yer Con like we planned. Enough people go to Who’s Yer Con that we know sharing illnesses happens (usually we call it Con Crud), and since this year we might be sharing Covid-19 we’re choosing not to do that. 

For the same reason, your sports activities, parties, and shows may not be happening too. We know a lot of people are going to get Covid-19 because we live in a country full of fun things to do where you see lots of people, and when people get together they share with each other. But we don’t want lots of people to get Covid-19 at the same time, because we want to know that we can take good care of people if they get very sick, and that’s easier to do when doctors have only a few people to take care of at a time. Remember, a lot of people who have Covid-19 feel OK, so they may not think about staying home like you do when you are sick. We cancel events so people don’t have to decide between going to fun things and sharing illness.

Nobody wants to get Covid-19. There are some things you can do to help stay safe and protect other people. These are things that will help you keep from sharing other illnesses too, not just Covid-19 so we can all be healthy and come back to the craft tables soon!

  • Wash your hands! Use soap and water if you have it, hand sanitizer if you don’t. Wash for 20 seconds – as long as it takes to sing the ABC song nice and slow.
    • Wash after you go to the bathroom.
    • Wash after you cough or sneeze or blow your nose
    • Wash before you eat
    • Wash after you touch something that a lot of other people also touched
    • Wash after petting or snuggling your pet cat, dog, lizard, turtle, chicken, or dinosaur.
  • Cover your cough! Use your elbow not your hand to cough or sneeze into.
  • Don’t pick your nose!
  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Don’t lick things that aren’t your food.
  • Give fist-bumps or elbow bumps instead of hugs and handshakes

If your grownups forget, remind them politely. Tell them the Motley Kids want to see you safe and healthy at the next Con, so they have to stay safe and healthy too!

With love (and clean hands),

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